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Jonathan Travelstead

Prayer of the K-12

Lord, let me start with one pull,

my bar shuddering in your calloused hand

as you ratchet my disc

to the scream that melts cast iron.

I pass through it, a ghost through rebar.

Chattery teeth, set on the floor and released.

On a house of cards, a tidal wave.

So much you have engineered, Lord.

I beg you let loose my chain

so with my carbide teeth

I can chew through the paper of this world.

My god! let me do what you made me to do,

and growl beneath your trigger finger.

Let me tear this place in two.

Prayer of the Maul

Let me sweep aside a factory wall, Lord,

cinder-blocks preventing passage

to an engine room scrolled in flame.

I am the grunt before thought.

My load is greater than your stamina,

and though I am your simplest machine

if you let yourself love too much

what is inside the mountain

I am sure to burst your colossal heart.

Even in my dreams

I am a juggernaut ready to destroy all things.

I pray only that you heft me

from that place between your shoulders.

Let me be the one chosen.

Jonathan Travelstead received his MFA at Southern Illinois University. He served in the Air Force National Guard for six years as a firefighter and currently works as a full-time firefighter for the city of Murphysboro. When not on duty, he backpacks twice each year in Central America and Europe, and works on an old dirt bike he hopes will get him to Peru in December.

Dotted Line