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Jihyun Yun
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Austin Wallson Confesses
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Jihyun Yun


So warm the nights

of plum wine and fruit

on your disrobed bed,

mattress shucked bare

but for our bodies

and the wool whiskered

blanket you cherished because

I’d bled on it once.

I said I’ll never understand,

which remains true

but I still miss the moment

arrested. Your walls awash with blues

your wide windows opened to crushes

of milkweed, sage, morning glories

bittersweet as your tongue

in love. Unhusked, I couldn’t bear

to look at you. Your mouth enveloping

the bottle’s lip entirely, your jaw

when you chewed, the muscle there.

The way you tore into clementines

with your thumbs pushing pungent pith

in and apart.

I covered my breasts

with a sheet, but you pulled it away,

bared everything.

Outside, the night swelled

and lulled, livid with cicadas.

Back then, we weren’t made

for tenderness,

though swathed in summer

we fooled ourselves.

Jihyun Yun is a Korean-American poet currently residing in South Korea. A Fulbright Fellow and Pushcart Prize nominee, her poems have appeared in Narrative, Fugue, AAWW The Margins, and elsewhere. She received her MFA from New York University in 2016.

Dotted Line