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927 writers voted to create the all-writer-voted Summer fiction and poetry issues.
Fiction Winners • Bill Pippin $1000 | Chris Belden $200 | Amberle Husbands $100
Poetry Winners • Anne Rankin-Kotchek $1000 | Sara Graybeal $200 | Tee Iseminger $100

Enter the Winter issues vote by October 24
$1000, $200, $100 prizes for the best stories and poems
$3 to enter and create Sixfold

Very exciting news! 3 to 4 Sixfold Voters Equal Any Other Editor Read How
Upload your own short-story or poetry manuscript PDF for $3 by Oct. 24, 11:59 pm ET. Then, vote within your genre to select the three prize-winning manuscripts of $1000, $200, and $100, and everything published in each issue.

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Sixfold is a completely writer-voted short story and poetry journal. Every writer who uploads a manuscript votes to choose the prize-winning manuscripts and all the short stories and poetry published in each issue. Everyone's equally weighted vote selects what's published, instead of one judge, or one or a few editors. With a fair, transparent, rule-based voting process, all writers find the best writing together.

How-To • Read, comment, and vote on 3 sets of 6 manuscripts by writers in your genre during 3 voting rounds of 12 days each. Round 1 is from Nov. 1 to the voting deadline of Nov. 12; round 2 is from Nov. 13 to Nov. 24; round 3 is from Nov. 25 to Dec. 6. (Read and vote on 18 manuscripts total in 36 days total.) Each round, you rank order your 6 randomly assigned manuscripts as Best, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and write comments to the writers of each.

After each round ends, the highest-voted one-third of each round's manuscripts advances to the next round. After three rounds of voting, the first-, second-, and third-highest-voted manuscripts in each genre win $1000, $200, $100. The top-20 short stories and the top-40 sets of poems are published.     SEE RECENT VOTE

Immediately after voting ends, you receive up to 6, 24, or 78 votes and comments on your own manuscript from other writers, depending how far it goes through the three rounds. A post-voting results page lists all participants’ manuscripts by voting score. Be anonymous during the entire voting process, or opt-in to display your name, profile, or manuscript on the public results page after voting is over. All votes and comments are disclosed only after round 3, after voting is complete.

Voting Rules • Each round, manuscripts are distributed randomly for voting • You never receive your own manuscript to read and vote for • You never read and vote on the same manuscript twice • If you do not vote by any round's deadline, then your own manuscript is withdrawn from voting, does not advance into following rounds, and you do not vote in following rounds.


Publish to a big literary audience • Sixfold's free e-books reach 5,000+ readers per issue and free online issues reach 40,000+ site visitors per year.

Completely writer-voted journal and writing workshop • Give and receive workshop feedback on your and your fellow writers’ work. In 36 days, you read, evaluate, vote, and write comments on 18 other writers’ manuscripts. Receive up to 6, 24, or 78 votes and comments on your own manuscript, depending on how far it goes through three voting rounds.

Sixfold Testimonials from the recent vote's writers • "Loved the format, results, comments, transparency!" • "for the first time, I was given some honest, arms-length feedback" • "fascinating to read others' work" • "fun not to just send in my story and wait, but to actually read and rank stories" • "invaluable to have all those unbiased comments on my work" • "Our little republic is working!"


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Fiction Summer 2014  |  Vote Result

Bill Pippin    Century
Chris Belden    The Finger
Amberle L. Husbands    Only Whistle Stops
Kyle A. Valenta    The Narrows
Robert Martin    Trepidation
Eileen Arthurs    Portrait of an Artist, After All
And More    Read All
Cover Art    Waiting II by Mia Funk


Poetry Summer 2014  |  Vote Result

Anne Rankin-Kotchek    Letter to the World from a Dying Woman & others
Sara Graybeal    Ghetto City & others
Tee Iseminger    Construction & others
Lisa Beth Fulgham    After They Sold the Cows... & others
Mary Mills    The Practical Knowledge of Women & others
Monika Cassel    Waldschatten, Muttersprache & others
And More    Read All
Cover Art    from Textile Length... Japan, Edo period.

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