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Fiction Summer 2014  |  Vote Result

Bill Pippin    Century
Chris Belden    The Finger
Amberle L. Husbands    Only Whistle Stops
Kyle A. Valenta    The Narrows
Robert Martin    Trepidation
Eileen Arthurs    Portrait of an Artist, After All
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Cover Art    Waiting II by Mia Funk


Poetry Summer 2014  |  Vote Result

Anne Rankin-Kotchek    Letter to the World from a Dying Woman & others
Sara Graybeal    Ghetto City & others
Tee Iseminger    Construction & others
Lisa Beth Fulgham    After They Sold the Cows... & others
Mary Mills    The Practical Knowledge of Women & others
Monika Cassel    Waldschatten, Muttersprache & others
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Cover Art    from Textile Length... Japan, Edo period.

Dotted Line

Fiction Winter 2013  |  Vote Result

Tristen Chang    Bellasylva
John Shortino    Final Notice
Chris Belden    The Woodpecker Problem
Naima Lynch    And I Will Bring You Oranges
Daniel C. Bryant    Balzac
Susannah Carlson    Killing Methuselah
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Cover Art    from Blackboard Sketching by Frederick Whitney


Poetry Winter 2013  |  Vote Result

Alysse Kathleen McCanna    Pentimento & others
Peter Nash    Shooting Star & others
Katherine Smith    House of Cards & others
David Sloan    On the Rocks & others
Alexandra Smyth    Exoskeleton Blues & others
John Glowney    The Bus Stop Outside Ajax Bail Bonds & others
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Cover Art    from Studies among the Snow Crystals by Wilson Bentley

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Fiction Fall 2013  |  Vote Result

Slater Welte    What Made Us Leave
Heather Frese
    The Coffee Table Book of Funeral Etiquette
Gibson Monk    The Cedar Orb
Bronwyn Berg    Try to Be Normal
Jessie Foley    Night Swimming
E. Ce Miller    A Shock to the System
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Cover Art    Wallpaper Sample, 1906


Poetry Fall 2013  |  Vote Result

Chris Joyner    Wrestlemania III & others
Carey Russell    Visiting Hours & others
Marc Pietrzykowski    Cabinet of Wonders & others
Jonathan Travelstead    Prayer of the K-12 & others
Jennifer Lowers Warren    Our Daughter's Skin & others
Jeff Burt    The Mapmaker's Legend & others
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Cover Art    from Beatus of Facundus

Dotted Line

Fiction Summer 2013  |  Vote Result

Sarah Einstein    Walking and Falling
Jessica Bryant Klagmann    In the Forgotten Corner of ...
Melanie Unruh    Bend, Convolute, Curve
Aliya Amirh Tyus-Barnwell    Love and Marriage
Charles J. Alden    Rani
Ann Minnett    Offerings
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Cover Art    Piotr Jaworski


Poetry Summer 2013  |  Vote Result

Sharron Singleton    Five Poems
Sarah Giragosian    Five Poems
Jenna Kilic    Five Poems
Kristina McDonald    Five Poems
Toni Hanner    Five Poems
Annie Mascorro    Five Poems
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Cover Art    Katsushika Hokusai

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