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Sonnet for Small Rip-Rap
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Not Exactly
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Sharron Singleton

Sonnet for Small Rip-Rap

Here is a wooden clothespin that grips

a striped beach towel, rusty nail in the hinge

no one has seen since nineteen thirty six.

Yes, and safety pins, straight pins, bobby-pins

used to plaster curls to my head when I

was twelve, obscure and forgotten as old

bones of the lesser saints. They lie

in dusty drawers, the plain things that uphold

us—buckles, zippers, paperclips, all

the small earnest rip-rap that insist we

button and snap and allow us the small

pleasure of undoing. Praise especially

that which attaches, is unseen, spare—

the needle that mends and binds up the tear.

Why I Don’t Write Poems
About My Father

Old, mottled,


and scarred

where hooks

have ripped,

the fish

has gone

deep, has sunk

through brown-gold

pillars of water,

as if through

a temple ruin,

down beyond

the reach of light,

to lie hidden

among weeds,

tattered fins

and fronds


with the lake’s

slow breathing—

the only sign

of its presence,

a shiver of circle,

unnoticed except

by the watchers,

the heron

and fisherman.

Well hooked

by his quarry,

the fisherman

wants both

to catch and not

catch, to scrape

away the armor

of scales,

to open, gut

the creature—

and still to glide

upon the wide

eye of the lake,

oars dipping, just

rippling the surface,

the shadow

of the boat

sliding across

the shadow

that is the fish.


I lay down

life, crave

earth. Time’s

bell clangs

death, chimes

birth, folds me

in its grip.


in the grave

I twist, split-

ting the shell,

I leap from

the furrow,

an old god,


and knowing.

Hottest Summer on Record

there’s no


the heat   the air

sags with moisture

boundaries blur

between sea and sky

washed in bluegray


air becomes

ocean and we wade

into it   lungs

open and close

like gills   back

bones prickle

with forgotten

fins    each cell

a pouch of liquid

edges    dissolve

speech   thought

becomes vapor

spangled with sweat

your body slips

into mine   wet

boneless and salty

we    stroke together

away from    shore

The Sleep After

While the pleasure of it

rips through me

like lightning on water,

while I think this is

what I could die for,

have died for—

it is the sleep after

in the arms

of the fugitive moon,

in the hands of that saint,

the rose, in the mouth

of the god

that I long for.

Sharron Singleton My poems have appeared in Agni, Rattle, Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, among others. In 2009 I won the James River Writers Contest and was named the Poet of 2010 by the journal Passager. I also won 1st place prizes in 2010 and 2012 in the Poetry Society of Virginia annual contest, 1st place in the MacGuffin Poet Hunt contest in 2012 and 1st place in the Sixfold Contest in 2013. My chapbook, A Thin Thread of Water was published in 2010 by Finishing Line Press.

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