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Summer Rand

Alexander tells me how
he’d like to be buried

which is not buried so much as laid in some field

or meadow or shadow of a mountain underneath

a blue shout where the thrasher’s cry threads cloud

to cloud and the sun is overflowing with itself,

trembling in its goodness, its kaleidoscope light

tripping down leaves to where the tall grass bears

his body, heavy in its solitude and easy, and he

will never catch chill again after he hands himself

over to the tender nature of things, after a harvest

mouse beds in his hollow socket and the pearl strand

of his spine goes wasteland to roots, his lungs splayed

like open palms and flowering with dog-tooth violets

as he lets earth overtake him bit by replaceable bit

still becoming, becoming, becoming.

Summer Rand, a graduate student of English, is a burgeoning poet who writes to reflect the world around her. Much of her work isolates the tender moments of grief and human connection she stumbles upon in order to find life and light beyond endings. She currently writes from Georgia, and she is hopeful that her poems will find their place in a chapbook following her graduation.

Dotted Line