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Karo Ska

with my mother’s freckle

an alabaster statue, my mother

chipped & cracked, only her left hand

still throbs with blood. underneath

the deep palmar arch, a freckle

we share. my hand is a map of

loss, a landscape of metacarpals & valley

bones, barriers blocking me from

the warmth of a mother’s unspoken

hugs. imaginary arms with no tongues.

time passes—freckles fade—i carry her

smile cleaved—time passes

she vanishes

the freckle—a shadow—a ghost

whose name i have lost

in the geography of my memory.

self-portrait of compassion as
contradictions necessary for healing

you put the pen down / you pick it up / you get out of bed / you don’t get out of bed / you don’t listen to your body / you breathe space into muscles / you walk / your toes leave crimson trails / you don’t write a poem / you write a poem for everyone / you don’t read the poem to anyone / your anxiety cave keeps you safe / you sign up for an open mic / spill merlot ink on the stage / you let yourself be late / you leave the house early / you make a mistake / you don’t blame yourself / you don’t take a shot of tequila before work / you sneak a flask to class / a friend you love texts you heart emojis / you don’t answer the phone / you brush teeth then floss / you don’t breathe / you hold your inner child’s hand / you cartography a new map / the cardinal directions aren’t smeared in blood / you follow footprints of cinnamon / honey soothes your wounds / you remind yourself one day at a time / you put the pen down / you pick it up

Karo Ska (she/they) is a South Asian and Eastern European gender-fluid poet living on unceded Tongva land. Their writing focuses on identity, mental health, survivorship, and the intersections of trauma and politics. Anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist, they find joy where they can. Their first full-length collection, loving my salt-drenched bones was released in February 2022 through World Stage Press. For updates, follow them on instagram @karoo_skaa or check out their website

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