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Catherine Dierker

dinner party

a dishtowel tucked

in your back pocket

that i follow

as we walk

up the stairs

single file

a quiet entrance

shoes are removed

the humility of

standing in socks

before you

for the first time.

movie night

low light in the doorway

thin and pallid,


a glow that works well

with the evening,

the mood

on screen a film plays

out in crimson,

it bleeds

this place calls for

something fragrant,


a flower.

cocktail hour

endless summer.

no socks and

pants rolled up

drink in hand

with one leg

crossed, casual.

he’s a cool

match for

a kid like me

calm-faced and

quiet, sits

like a listener

the picture

makes me

want to sing

or at least

to swing down

and kiss his

bare ankle.

window treatment

your fingers are deft

they fold clothes neatly

draw perfect flowers

cut fruit with precision

tonight, as you ready

the table, i sit waiting

watching the sun set

through a curtained window

like smiling through a veil.

a bike ride / the christening

together we crossed over

to a place of quiet, of peace

where we will swim

in the lake of endless depths.

the moment of diving

the hardest moment

the curve of restraint

the fear of violence.

shattering light,

shattering glass

we crossed over

flying, crying—

with wind

with gravel

hitting our faces

stinging our eyes.

Catherine Dierker studied English at George Washington University in Washington, DC and went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Anglo-Irish Literature from University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland. Her master’s thesis was titled: “Joyce, Kierkegaard and Community.” Catherine lives and writes in Chicago, IL. She is currently applying for admission to law school.

Dotted Line