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Kendall Grant

Winter Love Note

I tromped a snowshoe love note

in a mountain meadow.

The note, as imperfect as I am,

connected from no beginning to no end

and crossed a rabbit’s trail.

It will melt and run by our house

in the river that connects us to these mountains.

The molecules will separate,

but you’ll notice them bumping over the trout.

And in a waterfall,

you may hear what I made the snowshoes say.

A Rare Congregational Member

I like an aspen grove below pine line

on the morning side of a small mountain

where wild clematis seeks the sun early

then folds purple blossom in solemn prayer.

Eyes of the forest, lost-limb quakey scars,

witness to God these wildflower sacraments—

and that I ate and drank and worshiped there.

Unknown Priest

I followed a Western-wood peewee

to where peace and liveliness coincide:

A corner where periwinkle grows to hide

and my friend can eat in spring greenery.

His referee-whistle shrill stops me short:

“It’s not secret, but sacred,” he sounds.

With kind heart, he invites me along—

in reverence we escape the world’s throng

and he ordains me.

Who Called the Owl’s Name

The gale must have pressed her into the electric lines;

She fell on the front grass.

Now, two feet deep looking for the sky,

the snowy owl lies next to our golden retriever.

It seemed without honor to put the carcass in communal trash

though the garbage truck was coming down the block

and we could soon forget.

Instead, we determined a sacred owl burial.

Now the yard seems wiser,

and so are we.

Autumn Dance Championships

Of all the colored slices that danced from limb to earth

a weeping willow leaf won grand champion.

Springing from tree,

the narrow tumbler went prone

and rolled like an old-time mower blade

chopping the air

beatboxing the fastest spin Indian summer had ever judged,

gliding over warm and cool currents

until a mile of October sky had been clipped.

Kendall Grant As a freshman in college, I realized that Gerard Manley Hopkins’ “Pied Beauty” captured more detail than I had discovered in life. His lines started my pilgrimage into nature and poetry. Professionally, I teach at a religiously affiliated university where the spiritual and academic collide sparking principle-based insight and action. The desired result is a life of disciplined service to God, country, and world.

Dotted Line