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Jeffrey Haskey-Valerius



of cicada carcasses

from the base of a

great, wide oak:

I try not to vomit

from the stench. The distant

roar of lawn mowers

at dusk. I start to

collect razor blades

like coins

when the other boys notice


“different.” History class

bores me anyway.

I try like                hell

to make new

friends, but

my ribs are made

of cellophane.

Tooth marks on

ghost white gossamer,

piles of starch

in porcelain. The clack

of high heels

down the

high school’s hallway,

like the duty-bound


tapping his foot

against the linoleum, as he

tells my weeping mother

about the Tylenol.


                                                   Like moonshine bites

the hook of the tongue,

                                                   rubs the throat cherry red

raw, the aftershock is the

                                                   catastrophe: it unfurls from

your teeth like a moth

                                                   from its quiet coma,

bursts into apple blossom

                                                   smithereens. Somehow—

somehow: you tame

                                                   the seizing locusts; seismologists

will study your painted tip—

                                                   toes, balancing, and write papers

on your unbridled poise.

Jeffrey Haskey-Valerius lives in Southern California with his husband and ethereal, unbelievably perfect dog, Benny, having recently relocated from Chicago. His work has appeared in The Dreaded Biscuits, and he is currently querying agents to represent his first novel. When not writing or being an undeserving Benny dad, he tries to catch up on sleep.

Dotted Line