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Rachel Robb

A Luna Moth Is Not a Swallowtail

That night I saw a luna moth

as big as your open hand,

sunning herself in the

back porch light. A

woman’s wide-set eyes

in a green winged face stared

back—brimming with new

dark & roiling ideas. They

say your saint chooses

you, not the other way

around. I sketched her on

napkins & in hymn books.

Declared my love

over coffee with fair

weather friends. My

far-seeing Rorschach

flown right out of the

canopy to anoint

only me, not you.

I marvelled.

& at night dreamt of

striding around town like

some vainglorious queen

in a dress of her wings

sewed together.

Then it was my birthday

& a party that required

much planning and the

laundry piled up in

little knolls,

and the car needed

new tires and the baby

split the night wide open

with his cries, clutching

his sore, shell-like ear

in the dark.

& how quickly

I forgot about the promise

of those green wings!

Red Dahlia


Darkly involute florets. Deep red

of a young person’s


Faultless head.


I could grab rough

hold of its pom-

pom blossom.

Stand between it and the sun it seeks. Crush it in my hand, when I’m sure no passersby are behind me

with their shopping bags

& her tender

gardener is asleep

in the house, unaware.

A pulling down

             What has been built,

Grown. A destroyer of

Worlds on a Tuesday


(The first frost will

win anyway, so perhaps

it barely matters.)


I am stronger than it,

this flower. Red Dahlia


And this poem is a decree,

a flag planted in the


The choice to walk away

             must count for something.

Molting Scarlet Tanager

Blood spattered

Yellow bird

On my October

Maple. Avian


Come from

The Crusades—

Tail feathers

Open like a hand.

Everything is


I’m learning:

Beauty is

Contrast. Red


Yellow breast—

Bird King of

Hearts. Bursting

With old love.

I see we are all of

Us moving

Through the

World like this.

Some more



Than others—

Rachel Robb is an English teacher living in Toronto. She placed 1st in Hamilton’s 2014 gritLit festival for a short portfolio of poems entitled, Notes from the First Year and 3rd in the 2016 Bridport Prize for flash fiction. In 2018, she graduated from the Humber School for Writers under the mentorship of Cherie Dimaline with a Letter of Distinction. Most recently, she placed 2nd in the Alice Munro Festival of the Short Story (2022).

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