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Addison Van Auken Waters

I Already Gotta Husband

I done dance marimba


Sweet boy lover boy

hundred sing say.

Sugar cake butter cake

Sycamore sway,

Pretty rain ova valley


Milk moon

Queen tune

Star-seat sky.

Big wing

black wing

Inda cloud fly.


Malove sound like:

Alabama Muddy River

Zula TipToe



I’ma say it again

Alabama Muddy River

Zula TipToe

Stay forever sugalover

Boy don’t go.

Zesty lemon chilepepper

Spicy rice tree

Wheat grass Virginia grass

Tiger grass Free

Left foot Right foot

Da ting ting Be

We got nuttin’

‘less We got We.


I have weaseled my way into

the guts of a peach,

a fig,

a fruit or

red red meat,

and bumped my head on the stone—

I was blind, too.

The worm wriggles

a hole in the sky—

or dirt.



He wanted to become a Priest,

but he took all them girls instead.

All them girls

                    and the maid,

kissed them,

gave them beds of gold,

taught them

           the rudiments of touch.

Him: CHIEF. Keeper of the Women.

(The girls some fair young virgins).


Them girls

           in royal apparel,

he stripped bare of leopard bodysuits or

                                            spandex purple pants,

and with penetrating steam,


                      opens his mouth (as if wishing to eat)

                                 breathing up or down,

           the body and the organs rubbing,

The Bull drives.

He pours the Juice.


Seven them girls

           1 the one selling her virginity for $300,000

           2 Naomi (from Harlem)

           3 the leggy queen (too old)

           4-6 the maid, your sister, Mother Earth

           7 the mermaid (he loved her more than all the others)

7 received his gift:

           The Venomous Worm

                      stinging againandagain


Them girls

the Womb red with flame,


                      fair fruits of earth.

Their vast egg

           ripped from the follicle.

                      Them woman once strong by birth,

Lifted up their Voice and wept again:

Let no man hurt our bodies.

Poison infected me.


Beast of prey.

Hang him from a tree.


He returns to the mother’s house

                                 like a playful boy

to yield the milk.

Evidence destroyed.


           the clouds wept ninety rivers

           the poison hung in the sun

           the breath lingered in the mouth, foul

Extinguished were the lights of men.

Extinguished were the lights of girls.

Addison Van Auken Waters grew up in Massachusetts and currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina. She received her master’s in creative writing from Durham University in 2017. Together, Addison and her husband have lived in England, Australia, and three out of the 50 United States. She is an emerging writer dreaming up her first novel.

Dotted Line