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Zoë Harrison

Pattee Creek

A week after you died, a fox, hungry white

laid flat in knapweed’s purple flowers his ears

strained towards the criss crossed wires you’d strung

with rattlesnake hides, brass washers.

Beyond the mesh

were the chickens and below the chickens

rust, late watermelon rinds,

straw strangled with feathers.

Will I rot, my body tucked under sanded clay

my bones another stone beneath the yard’s fruit tree

fallen apple war drums

against my ribs?

As he crept across nude roots

the flock’s clucks were

low warning

their plumage raising like parasols.


The cerulean shoelace you hung

danced from the wooden coop

as paws scraped the soil.

When the wire gave there was nowhere to flee,

beaks twittered and cracked like June bug wings,

their feathered heads limp.

Inside the kitchen walls were ledger, the corners sellotaped

seams, curved like origami balloons. Your shotgun was hung

in the wardrobe, you’d never shown me how to shoot.

Zoë Harrison, a twenty-year-old Montanan who has only seen a Broad-leaved forest once and found it quite too short. Though she would go back in a second if it meant escaping the gray slush of a February rain.

Dotted Line